Being a forwarding company, we do not have our own fleet, but we have as subcontractors large transport companies, with national and international reputation. Since 1999, the year of our company establishment, we have tested many carriers and we have chosen the ones that best represent the image of our company

Lucram cu bus-uri de 800 kg, 1T, 1.3 T (dube, prelate, frigorifice, frigorifice+ADR), camionete de 7,5 T – sarcina utila 2.8 t – 3 T (dube, prelate, frigorifice, frigorifice+ADR), camioane de 12 t cu sarcina utila de 4 t (dube sau prelate cu o lungime de podea de max 7.2 t) si nu in ultimul rand camioane de 20 t prelate sau dube, dube frigorifice cu sau fara ADR. Efectuam transporturi agabaritice nationale sau internationale, tot prin subcontractori.

Transport national si international

Transporturi agabaritice nationale sau internationale

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